3 Cushions To Help You Achieve Transitional Style

3 Cushions To Help You Achieve Transitional Style

Transitional home interiors mix modern and traditional styles to create one cohesive look for the space. Today, we will review the different aspects of transitional style and how to achieve the same look for your home.

We will also offer our recommendations for the best cushions to help you achieve transitional style easily.

What Is Transitional Style?

When it comes to furniture and interior design, transitional style refers more to a contemporary style that is mixed with more modern and traditional styles. Transitional décor is old world traditional, meeting the exciting world of the more modern glass and chrome contemporary stylings.

It offers a classic and timeless aesthetic with simple and sophisticated furniture lines, diverse and graphic patterns for fabrics and cushions and the combination of different textures set against sleek wood frames, straight lines, and rounded profiles.

Achieving Transitional Style In Your Space

The palette for transitional décor and style relies on the lack of colour. This creates a cleaner and sleeker environment. Since you will not be incorporating many colours, you should also use different textures to keep things interesting. Here are a few of our cushion recommendations to add to your transitional décor.

1. Browns

A clean and muted colour palette is all you need to achieve a transitional style. Browns, tans, and beiges are just a small selection of the more neutral, brown-based colours you can choose to use in the space. These colours also blend well with the other cushion options on our list.

2. Whites And Greys

Remember, it is not necessary to go monotone to achieve this look. Instead, choose a variety of different neutral colour shades because these colours all work well together. When you stand back and look at your design, you don’t want something to stand out like a sore thumb.

So, remember, white, pearl, vanilla, cream, and ivory colours complement the brown shades we have already mentioned.

You can also choose from an assortment of grey cushions that pair well with the white and cream coloured cushions.

3. Textured Cushions

Since you will not be incorporating many colours, you should use different textures to keep things interesting. Choose cushions with different textures. You can mix and match neutral-coloured cushions like smooth or textured cotton or something softer like fur, suede, or velvet.

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