5 Tips For Arranging Cushions Like a Professional Designer

5 Tips For Arranging Cushions Like a Professional Designer

When you learn the right way to pair and arrange your cushions, you can really bring your space to life. Today, we will offer our recommendations on mixing sizes, textures, and patterns to achieve a more professionally styled look for your space.

1. Coordinate with Existing Décor

When choosing new cushions for your space, look for colours and patterns that can easily coordinate with the style and palette you already have in the space. For example, if you have bolder prints, when you arrange cushions, make sure to balance them with cushions in more neutral tones.

2. Layer Textures

If you have cushions of multiple textures, don’t be afraid to layer them together when you arrange cushions like a pro. Whether you have velvet cushions or fur cushions, you can use these heavier textures to balance well with solids and lighter textures you have.

3. Karate Chop

When you arrange cushions along your sofa, you can use what many designers call the karate chop to make the space feel more lived-in and welcoming. To do the karate chop, you simply chop down the middle of the cushion, creating a crease. This helps break up otherwise uniform shapes and can better unite the cushions you are arranging on the sofa.

4. Use Varying Shapes and Sizes

When you choose cushions that are all the same size, you are creating more of a formal look. Instead, choose cushions of varying shapes and sizes to create a more welcoming and homey look.

5. Always Create Contrast

If you love your solid cushions but want to introduce some designer prints, make sure to contrast those block colours with cushions with bolder geometric designs like cushions with horizontal or vertical lines. When you arrange cushions like these in smaller spaces of the home, you are creating an eye-catching contrast.

General Tips and Tricks

When you arrange your cushions, it is best to place the largest cushions you have in the back and then place the smaller cushions in front. You should also always have at least one cushion with texture or pattern to liven up the arrangement.

When placing cushions on the sofa, use two to three cushions per side of the sofa. Most sofas can accommodate up to six pillows, but you may want to start with a smaller grouping to get a feel for what you like and don’t like. If you follow these tips when you arrange cushions in your home, you will surely feel like a professional designer creating a masterpiece.

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