Can You Use Indoor Cushions Outdoors?

Can You Use Indoor Cushions Outdoors?

If you have found the perfect cushion for your outdoor living space only to find out it is meant to be an indoor cushion, you may now be wondering if you can use indoor cushions outdoors. The answer is it depends.

Today, we will go over how you can use indoor cushions outdoors and what kind of features set an outside cushion apart from those meant for indoor spaces.


If you want to use indoor cushions outdoors, they need to stand up to the elements outdoors. To do this, the cushions need to be waterproofed so they can be used as outdoor cushions. It is as easy as spraying the cushions down with a heavy-duty water shield or Scotchgard a few times. This is the easiest way to turn an indoor cushion into an outdoor cushion.

Waterproofing is just one of the biggest differences you will find when shopping for indoor cushions versus outdoor cushions.

The Material

The next difference you will find is in the fabric. Indoor fabrics are typically simple cotton and polyester, fine wools, and even silks. These fabrics are not made to be as durable as outdoor fabrics, which makes them better suited for indoor use.

Outdoor fabric material, on the other hand, is usually a solution-dyed synthetic fabric. The colour is meant not to fade away or wash out easily when exposed to the elements. The material on outdoor cushions is also meant to be fade-resistant, so it can hold up being exposed to the sun’s harsh rays day in and day out.

The best part is that the newer outdoor cushions are being made to look like indoor cushions using fabrics and materials that are soft to the hand, comparable to cotton material, and just as durable as other outdoor materials.

The Durability

Overall, outdoor cushions were designed to be used outdoors, so they are much more durable than indoor cushions. They are made from much thicker materials and can resist fading, tearing, and any other kinds of damage that may happen when sitting outdoors.

Outdoor cushions can provide you with comfort and style in any outdoor space. If you are sure to get cushions made for the outdoors, you will find minimal maintenance and upkeep required to ensure that they last a long time.

However, it is also possible to turn a good selection of indoor cushions into outdoor cushions with the right waterproofing methods. That opens the door to endless style possibilities for your outdoor space.

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