Five 2021 Home Design Trends To Try In Your Home

If you are like us, then you are probably excited about the home décor trends in the upcoming year. From earth tones to abstract prints and even cottagecore, we will be taking a closer look at some 2021 home design trends you can try in your home.

Trend #1: Earth Tones

Earth tones are becoming more popular in home décor trends because of the amazing colour schemes that can be created out of them. These are rich hues that you would normally find in nature. They work great if you already have more natural materials in the home such as wood, metal, slate, linen, and woven items.

Trend #2: Abstract Prints

Abstract prints are another prevalent décor trend because they encompass a variety of styles and imagery. They are not only compatible with a contemporary style space, either. Abstract prints can add colour, interest, and a fresh perspective to any design.

Trend #3: Cottagecore

Cottagecore is an internet aesthetic that has been described by some as a style that idealizes rural life. The aim is to look as though you live in a pastoral painting, even when you are in a location that is far from a farm-like setting. Think peach-printed home décor, floral patterns, and an appreciation for the natural world.

Trend #4: Comfortable And Traditional

More and more people are also looking to embrace a more comfortable and traditional style and adopt home décor trends to that effect. Traditional furniture with natural-looking materials and lighter wood has a welcoming feel to it.

This is a style that will allow you to hunker down in your home and relax. Think of a variety of cushions and cosy throws, soft curves, and overstuffed furniture.

Trend #5: Sustainable And Affordable

Sustainability and affordability are also rising on the list of popular home décor trends for 2021. Also known as “grand millennial,” this is an appealing style because it is budget- and eco-friendly. It incorporates a more antique aesthetic with neoclassical styles and Victorian elements best known for their build quality.

To make your space even more inviting and homey during the styling process, it never hurts to have various cushion options as part of your home décor. These are wonderful for when you are trying to keep up with current design trends because they do not require a lot of commitment.

If you choose to renovate, no problem. Get a new cushion cover to suit your present style.

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