Give Your Patio A Quick Refresh With Cushions

Give Your Patio A Quick Refresh With Cushions

Are you looking to redesign your outdoor space? Well, you have come to the right place. Today we will tell you how to give your patio a quick refresh with cushions and create a space you will want to hang out in. It is a great way to extend the living space of your home and bring the indoors outside.

Create Layers of Comfort

When styling your patio with cushions, think comfort. When you add cushions to rattan, wicker, or wrought-iron furniture on the patio, you are taking the opportunity to add colour and style to the space quickly and easily.

Larger cushions placed on benches also add layers of comfort. You can use cushions of all shapes and sizes as well to create the style you want for the theme or motif you have in mind.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Colour is always fun and choosing the right colour scheme for your patio can even help accent other features outdoors, like the flowers and shrubs in your garden. You can go bold and use accent cushions in deep purples and blues, happy or warm yellows, or clean and crisp greens. You can also use these colours mixed together in a green floral design, perfect for the outdoors. 

Use what you see around you outdoors in Mother Nature to come up with a complementary colour scheme for your patio.

Mix and Match

Mixing different patterns and textures in your outdoor space can also help bring your look together and create a more personalized extension of the home. Printed floral patterns go well with solid colours and can make for a more visually stimulating design.


To complete the look of your outdoor space, you can use other textiles and materials in combination with your outdoor cushions to bring the space together. Drapes, for example, can dress up a space and help keep out the sun.

Area rugs are another staple and can help anchor the entire patio. Finally, throw some cosy throws over your chairs or outdoor sofa to create an additional layer of comfort for yourself and your guests.

Think Weather Resistance

Now that you know how to style your outdoor space with the right cushions, you need to remember to choose cushions that are meant for outdoor use. Outdoor cushions will not fade in direct sunlight and are made with mould and water-resistant materials. Avoid anything that is made from natural fibres because they will not withstand the elements outdoors.

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