How To Care For A Fur Cushion

How To Care For A Fur Cushion

A fur cushion makes a great choice when looking to add warmness and softness to a space in your home. However, you also need to make sure you know how to properly maintain and care for your fur cushions to ensure they continue to look their best.

Washing A Fur Cushion With A Washing Machine

If you have a faux fur cushion, you might be able to wash it with the washing machine; even better if you can remove the faux fur cover. In that case, take off the cover then turn it inside out. This will protect it from too much wear and tear while being washed.

However, many fur cushions don’t come with a removable cover, so you want to learn the proper way to wash the entire cushion without causing any damage. To start, set your machine to only use cold water then use only the delicate cycle because it has the least amount of agitation. Next, use a mild laundry detergent. You can also add some fabric softener to fluff up your cushion and prevent any of the fibres from sticking together.

When the cushions are done being washed, remove them from the washing machine, shake them to fluff them back up and remove any excess water.

Washing A Fur Cushion By Hand

The safest way to wash your new fur cushion is by hand using lukewarm or cold water. When the water is too hot, the cushion can lose its shape and texture. Use only a mild soap that is meant for handwashing.

Spot cleaning is a good way to treat cushions when they aren’t entirely dirty. Otherwise, submerge the fur cushion and gently rub the soap in with your fingers. Avoid over scrubbing, or you can damage the fur. When done, rinse the fur cushion in clean, cold water.

Drying Your Fur Cushion

To dry your fur cushions after washing them, remove any excess water and press them gently against a dry towel to remove as much of the water as possible and let them air dry. Never use a dryer because even on low heat, the cushion can become damaged.

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