How To Mix Prints Like A Professional Interior Designer

If you are in the middle of styling a room in your home, you have probably come across different ideas you can use to make the space more appealing. Mixed prints are just one way you can add interest without making the area appear too busy or cluttered. 

Today, we will share some tips on matching colours, scale, and textures to achieve the best-mixed prints combos for your newly designed space. We also have excellent recommendations for print cushions that pair well together.


When you used mixed prints with a more restrained colour palette, you can go for various patterns without running into any unfortunate contrast. You can use a variety of fabrics in different colours and then let the lines and shapes of the mixed prints create visual interest. 

Instead of choosing just one colour to pair with mixed prints, you can choose several for accents. Neutral background colours can help tie your mixed prints together even if they do not share the same colour scheme.

Scale Metrics

When introducing geometric patterns or other mixed prints to the space, you want to opt for patterns with a similar thickness to the lines. They can have distinct patterns as long as they have the same thin or thick lines on the same scale. Similar lines, scale, and weight can help the space appear more coordinated.

Play With Textures

It is easy to match simple mixed prints with textures in many cases. When you start doing this, you can create a more personalized look for the space. Play with the juxtaposition of varying textures, such as smooth and rough ones with soft and fuzzy options. You can also introduce faux furvelvet, and cotton cushions.

Mix Patterns

Mix and match patterns until you are satisfied with the result. For example, try one floral print, one geometric print, and one solid colour.

You can also go for a chevron print and mix it with a dotted print and a knit texture. Start with a lead pattern, and then choose complimentary cushions of one or two other colours.

Break the Rules

When pairing prints like a professional designer, do not be afraid to break the rules. Keep mixing and matching cushions in order to find a colour scheme or pattern that you love. You can start with three patterns as long as they each incorporate at least one colour in the three colours you have chosen.

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