How to Pick a Great Colour Palette For Your Cushions

How to Pick a Great Colour Palette For Your Cushions

If you are ready to style your home, then you need to have the basics of colour theory under your belt. It helps you understand how to select the best colour palette for your cushions. 

Today, we will go over some cushion colours that work well together and provide you with tips on how to also incorporate patterns and textures to achieve a winning colour combination.

The Standard Rule

When it comes to picking out a colour palette and matching cushions, you need to gauge the room’s existing colour palette and make sure that the cushions reflect that style. Doing so helps you create a more uniform look and helps blend everything together.

Style and Theme

When deciding on a colour palette, there are many ways to go about it. First, you want to choose a style. Is the space going to be more formal or casual? Do you want a Boho Chic look, or are you more interested in a more modern style? 

Boho chic incorporates more muted colours like black, grey, browns, and tans with some deeper blue hues and reds and pinks. Boho chic also incorporates more texture like fur and fun zig-zag patterns.  For a more modern look, you will want to go with classic black and gold colours, grey, and pearl. 

Choose Cohesive Colours

When choosing a colour palette for your cushions, choose one cohesive palette and stick to it. You will have much more of an impact if you choose cushions in the same shade or complementary shades. You can also use one simple print, a busy print, and a solid to set a focal point for the space using your cushions. Plaids or stripes work well for a simple print. 

Use the Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is another great tip. Use colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. Blues and greens are more relaxing and casual and will work out in a bedroom or space where you want to relax.

Basic colour theory is the science and art of how we use colour. It is the visual effect of how colours mix and contrast with each other. When styling your space, choose colours that make you feel relaxed and calm, and then consider which colours highlight the best features of the space.

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