Using Neutral Colours Without Being Boring

Using Neutral Colours Without Being Boring

We all know the value of neutral colours. They are classic, fresh, and soothing. However, they can also prove boring if you aren’t careful with how you use them.

In this article, we will share our tips and recommendations for how you can incorporate more muted colours into your design while also using different textures, patterns, and shapes to liven up your space with neutrals.

Avoid Beige on Beige Assault

Entering a room that is decorated solely in neutral colours like beige on beige should be avoided at all costs. Not only is beige boring, but it is also stagnating. When using neutrals in your design, make sure you are still conveying your personality and style.

Your Entryway

For example, your entryway is the first place a visitor sees when they walk inside the door. To make a big impression, you don’t have to assault them with bright colours right at the start.

Instead, choose a few patterns in a more neutral palette to add more visual interest to your entryway. For example, take advantage of wallpaper, rugs, runners, and wall art for brightness and add a zig-zag cushion in a neutral shade for a pop of appeal.

Do you have a larger entryway? You can place a neutral coloured chair and add a complementing cushion and rug. An unexpected piece of furniture such as this can easily add character to your entryway. A high-backed wingback chair can also be a functional addition to the space.

Your Living Room

Neutrals are also great for a living room. So, save the pops of colour for the window treatments instead. Beige walls and other muted colours in the living room provide the perfect backdrop for breathing in colour and intrigue. You can use mirrors in a neutral living space to reflect light and add depth to your natural colour palette based on browns, creams, whites, greys, and other neutral shades.

To get some energy into the living space, invite in some brightly coloured decorative cushions for the sofa. Cool neutral colours like blues, greens, and greys pair well with warm, bright colours such as reds and oranges. Creams, browns, and taupes contrast well with cool brights, including blues, purples, and cooler greens.

Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to blend neutral colours with more natural elements like wood. It adds depth without overtaking the room. Bedrooms should also feel luxurious and cosy, so neutral decorative cushions can be the perfect accessory and can stand up against colour-blocked window treatments and bright artwork on the walls.

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